The Team

The ChemPharmaServe Team and Associates

Hooshang S. Zavareh, PhD, CChem, FRSC

Founder and Managing Director
BSc, MSc and PhD in organic chemistry

37 years experience in synthetic chemistry, process research and manufacturing in chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Expertise includes consultancy in fine chemical and pharmaceutical development, cGMP manufacturing, strategic outsourcing, project management and training.

Dr Sara Kent, BSc, PhD

Principal Consultant BSc in chemistry and PhD in biomedical engineering

26 years experience in R&D in biotech and pharmaceutical industries

Expertise includes design and development of new medical devices for inhalation drug delivery, needle-free injection systems and transdermal patch technologies.

Dr Martin Clark PhD

Principal Consultant
BSc in biochemistry and PhD in pharmacology

30 years experience in pharmaceutical and healthcare industry involving large-scale API and biologics production under cGMP.

Expertise includes operational management, high potency active drugs (HPAIs), peptide-based therapeutics and secondary manufacture.